Do you print two photo strips?

Yes, at least!  Two individual 2×6 strips will print out for your guests.

If there are more than two people in the photo booth, we can use our Face Detection software to ensure everyone gets a photo!

Our top-of-the-line printers automatically and precisely separate the strips.  We also have the option to print 4×6 prints instead of 2×6 prints (if arranged prior).


Are the photos “unlimited”?

Yes!  Unlimited prints are included in all our packages so the fun will never stop for your guests!


How long does it take for the photos to print?

The photos print in approximately 10 – 20 seconds.  Generally by the time you are out of the photo booth, the images have printed!


What type of printer do you use?

We use a lab quality sublimation dye printer.  This means we give you exceptionally high quality prints that will last a lifetime.  (Don’t be fooled by other companies that use inkjet printers, they can smudge on your clothes, look grainy, and take minutes to print.)


Is Snowglobe Photo Booth “customizable”?

Yes!  Snowglobe Photo Booth packages are customizable from the print designs to the props at no extra charge.  You are welcome to provide us with a custom logo, a personalized message, or we can design a print with the event name and date.  We will send you the print design for your ‘approval’ prior to the event.

All requests need to be made prior to the event.


Do you provide photo booth attendants?

Yes!  Two professional attendants will set up/take down the photo booth and stay for the duration of your package.  They are there to ensure your event runs to perfection and answer any questions you and your guests may have.  If you require the photo booth longer than arranged on the night, that’s not a problem!  (Additional charges will occur.)


What type of events do you do? 

We do all events, big or small!  Photo booths are a success at almost every kind of group celebration including corporate events, Christmas parties, fundraisers, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, retirement parties, children’s parties and of course weddings.


What is required to reserve a Snowglobe Photo Booth?

We require a 10% deposit in order to reserve your date, which is eligible for a full refund within 7 days of your event.  (Alternative payment arrangements may also be applicable.)


What is your payment and cancellation policy?

In order to confirm your booking, we require full payment 14 days prior to your event.(Alternative payment arrangements may also be applicable.)  We will provide a full refund if you cancel your booking 7 or more days prior to your event.


How do your prices compare to other photo booths? 

We offer a wide range of packages to suit your needs and budget.  You will find lower quality photo booths at lower prices but we pride ourselves on providing a premium experience for you and your guests.

Our equipment is some of the most expensive and state-of-the-art on the market.  We offer full spectrum continuous lighting, high speed lab quality printers, customizable props and an 18 mega pixel camera.

Additionally unlike many photo booths, our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE so there are no additional costs for props, number of prints, customization, set up/take down or our event attendants.

We also guarantee our product and you will be glad you chose us!


How many people can fit in your photo booth?

A lot!  Snowglobe Photo Booths can be set up with 2 chairs, so your guests can sit comfortably or up to 10 people can squeeze in!


How far in advance do we have to book?

We recommend booking as soon as you can to reserve your date as our schedule fills up fast, especially in the holiday season.  However, even with short notice, if we can make it happen for you we will!


How much room do you need for the photo booth?

Our set up takes about 5ft x 6ft of space.  We also require a table outside the photo booth for our props and a reliable power source.


We already have a photographer, why do we need a photo booth?

Photo booths are very different to photographers!  Snowglobe Photo Booth will allow your guests to let loose, be silly and just have fun!  Your guests will also have an instant memory of your event and they will be able to view their images on our gallery the following day.


Can we have the photo booth off during dinner/speeches?

Yes!  Our photo booth downtime is charged as “Idle Time”.


Can we share the photos with our family and friends?

Yes!  We will upload all the photos to our online gallery (our Facebook page) where your friends and family can download them for free, tag them to Facebook, or order more prints easily.


Are there any charges for set up/take down and travel time?

Set up/take down of the photo booth and travel is included in all of our packages!  (Events outside of Whistler are subject to an additional travel charge.)


Do you provide any special extras?          

Yes!  Snowglobe Photo Booth attendants are also qualified, professional photographers!    When you purchase one of our supreme packages (4 hours or more), we will photograph your event and put the images on a CD (at no extra charge).  These photos will be candid and unedited, and are not meant to replace your professional photographer.